User's guide for merging video files into one or converting them to another format with application AviMerIn.

Video parts selection.

There are two options for clips selection:

1st- select needed files in explorer window and drag them to list window.

2nd - press button <Add file>, select needed files in file dialog and press OK.

Parts sorting.

For fragment sorting - drag fragment with left mouse button and drop it lower or upper to list.

Parts removing.

For removing video part from list select it with mouse and press <Remove> button.

Start merge/convertion operation.

Press <Save as...> button. Save dialog opens, enter new video file name and press <Save>. This is merging without convertion. Progress bar go to 100%, new video is released.

If you want convert video files to other formats, such DivX, XviD, Mpeg4 - please select option [x] Recompress. After this codecs are enabled in list, select codec and press <Setup> button.

Most DVD players suppoted DivX or Mpeg4 formats. For DivX settings you must download latest version from site. I recomended making compression with 2 pass. For this in DivX settings you can select Rate control mode: Multipass, 1st pass. After pressing to <خت> and <Save> buttons wait to end, do not close application. Press to <Save as...>, and for second pass select Multipass, Nth pass on settings dialog. Also bitrate recommendations: video 320 ُ 240 ُ 15 frames/sec - 480 kbps, 640 ُ 480 ُ 30 frames/sec - 960 kbps. If you have no time - please select Rate control mode: 1-pass.

Warning! If you maked 1st pass with one video format resolution and 2nd with another, programm will inform you about error and process was interrupted.

If you want to covert sound to MP3 format - select option [x] Convert audio to MP3. Sound mono was saved with 64 kbps quality, stereo - with 128 kbps. Convertion to MP3 format applied with free Lame MP3 Encoder library from site.

For exit from programm press to x-button on top left conner of window.

Belousov (c) 2007