Users guid for packet photo images proccessing with "JimPack" version 3.

Images selection.

Exist two options for images selection:

1st- select needs files in explorer window and drags its to list window.

2nd - press to button <Add>, select needs files in file dialog and press OK.

Options for Image Processing

1. May decrease size images to 50% or 25%, related size of file will be decrease to 25% or 12.5%.

Also possible increase image size x 2, with special algorithm, was improved image quality. Warning! After increasing image size on the disk may be too big.

2. Option for increase brightness on dark places (filter Gamma).

3. Option to make image sharpen (filter Sharpness).

4. Olso decrease yellow level on photo-images, made with house illumination.

5. Option for saturate colors (filter Saturation).

6. Noise reduction for hight ISO values. (ISO 400 +). Reduce colors spots.

Removing images from list.

For removing files from list, select it with mouse and press to <Remove> button.

Start processing.

Press to <Process> button. Opens select folder dialog, select or create new folder and press Select. Progress bar go to 100%, new images is released.

For exit from programm press to x-button on the top right conner of window.